KRISTI wedding dress

A stunning dress Kristi of unusual smoky purple makes you the most memorable bride! Bright silvery hand embroidery on the bodice shines in the light of the soffit and attracts looks. The skirt of medium pomp of tulle lies softly and weightlessly. The incision on the skirt allows you to walk comfortably and show spectacular legs.


The basis is an elastic artificial material
Lining - elastic artificial material
Skirt - Artificial material
It is possible to make a lining made of natural silk 100%


- The dress has a tail
- Slit on the skirt (right or left at will)
- Open backrest
- Secret zipper on the back
- Without hemmed cups
- The bodice is soft


Hand embroidery - silver only
The color of the dress is smoky-purple, white, milky (off-white) , powdery, soft pink, beige, smoky blue, light blue, light blue, and other light shades
Attention! The color of the dress on different monitors may vary